Tuesday, August 30, 2011


I got an I-Phone before Tony headed off to Iraq so that I could be constantly available to him by phone or skype or e-mail or however the heck he wants to reach me.  (And it works, we talk twice a day nearly every day.  Thank God for my consistent husband ;-).

A few weeks ago I saw an online photo journal of pictures from the war in Afghanistan
taken with an I Phone using an app called Hipstamatic.  I bought the app; I bought some lenses and film beyond what were supplied, and I've been having a blast.  At first I was worried that I wouldn't be able to download them onto the computer, but no problem.

John S lens, Alfred Infrared film

Libatique 73 lens, Claunch 72 Monochrome film

Matty ALN lens, Ina's 1969 film
Lucifer VI lens, Kodot XGrizzled film

Kaimal Mark II lens, BlacKeys SuperGrain film

John S lens, Alfred Infrared Film

John S lens, Alfred Infrared film

I'm still getting used to it.  And obviously the last one was a mistake, but I love the texture of the concrete I was walking on.

You can't really trust that what's showing on your screen is what the lens is seeing, and that can be frustrating.  The cool effects without ever stepping into a darkroom make that drawback something I can work with. Now, I always have a fun camera with me, even if I leave my DSLR at home. 

I love the Alfred Infrared film and the John S Lens.  I also love the Claunch film.  I've done some tests with the other lenses, but I haven't quite figured them out yet.  Summer's almost over, so it should be cool enough again to head into the studio soon.  Can't wait.  I have lots of yo-yos waiting for homes.


Judy Whelley said...

These are extraordinary! As much as I love and admire your fiber art, your photography demonstrates ao much talent there as well.
More, more, more!

LaughingLG said...

You are so sweet. Now you have another reason to get an IPhone.