Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Good Neighbors

I had a wonderful birthday.  Got to see Cave of Forgotten Dreams, had a wonderful dinner with Connor and Jude at the Winds, delivered my quilt to Dayton Visual Arts Center, and got to see Connor play some great lacrosse, but the day after my birthday was great, too.  The Aullwood opening was fun, and some good friends and I had a great dinner at Harrison's in Tipp City (Black and Blue Salmon Salad, yum).  Best of all the wonders of the 2nd day of my 47th year were the beautiful flowers that Debra and her daughter Lara, my neighbors, delivered.  They have an amazing yard, and the entire bouquet was from their wonderful gardens.  I thought I would share. 
My 47th year is off to a wonderful start--full of love and beauty.  May I find both and love and beauty to appreciate in each day of the coming year. And, dear reader, may you, too.

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kim gk said...

Hi Lori,
Beautiful work and happy birthday! I have a yo-yo thing too (i make and make and make...)
Tried your phone and it conked out on me twice - hope you get this, but would love to join the field trip!