Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Catch Up Week: Nov Weeklies 3 and 4

Well, this week is officially catch up week at chez laughing girl.  I'm not only finishing partially finished weekly quilts, I'm also catching up on my blogging (who knew teaching one class would get me so behind?).

These are the last two quilts in my November tone on tone yo-yo quilts.  With these quilts, I focused on embroidery, and I also added a smaller yo-yo (pain in the fanny with the dupioni).  The inspiration for these quilts were beach walks, so in Week 3, I imagined the way the waves pull things up and then down in the surf.  The yo-yos are the pulled objects and the embroidered outlines the imprints that are left in the sand when the wave pulls away.

The fourth week my inspiration is my favorite place to walk on the beach--high up, close to the dunes where all the detritus is deposited.  I enjoyed making the French knots and I thought the upside down yo-yos made an interesting effect.  I used a rayon embroidery floss, very slippery but very shiny.

I'll post picture of my Oct. quilts sometime today or tomorrow, and then I'll only have to finish my heavily embroidered quilts from early in the year and I will have finished my 48 weekly quilts.  Yippee.

I thought sure that I would be finished with circles by the time this year was over, but I know I could spend another year on them.  So, I'm thinking of making circles the theme for my 12x12 quilts this year and making my weekly quilts based on the fibonacci series--1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55, 89,144,233.

There are some series I planned this year but never finished.  The most notable of these were my poetry postcards which are mostly planed but rarely executed.  I hope to finish my 12x12 spiritual quilts on Thursday and Friday, and I've finished all of my montlly circle journal quilts.

Next year, I hope to have a web page with galleries, so that I can have all the monthly and weekly challenge together.

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