Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Oct Weekly Quilts--done in Oct, really, but just now mounted!!

October Weekly Quilts 6x6 (individually) 24 x 6 (all together).

So, I totally cheated on these quilts.  I had fun back in August, making the weekly quilts connect, but I designed them at the beginning of the month, and then pieced/fused/quilted them each week.

Well, in October, I got a bit behind, so it was the perfect time to cheat. I layered the background on a piece of 25 x 7 batting, and then I stitched the layers down and added a bit more quilting.

Thanks to Ginny Smith for talking about this method oh so long ago and for being so amazing that her quilts were in Quilt National and at the Ohio Crafts Museum in their Conversations in Fabric exhibit.  Seeing her quilts this summer reminded me of the technique, and I've been using it for some of my quilts ever since. 

I used non-melt plastic to create the circles and then did some needle turn applique to attach them to the background.  The starth had turned the lighter circles yellow, so I hand washed the quilt and then put it in the dryer.  I love how that made the unfinished fabric edges begin to ravel a bit more.  Then, I cut the long piece into smaller sections and attached the binding and backing.  Once I'd sewn them to the backgrounds I would use to mount them in their frames, I added seed stitches and French knots.

I did them so long ago, I can't remember which way is up.  The seed quilting is in the medium orange section behind the lightest blue circles, so it seems like that should be the front by the more detail in the foreground rule, but I think I like it better with the medium orange and the light circles at the top of the frame.  Any comments?  


For Quilts Sake said...

Love the colors...the contrast of the warm oranges and reds with the cool blues. Also love the curved pieces and how they play off the circles.

Deborah said...

I really like these colors! I think you should go with whichever way feels right to you.