Saturday, June 25, 2011

Water, Water Everywhere at Aullwood in Dayton, Ohio

Hope you can stop by the Aullwood Audobon Center  where three of my quilts from the Wrack Line Series will be on display with 33 other quilts in the theme "Water, Water Everywhere."  The show closes on August 21, 2011.

As I say in my artist statement:

The Wrack Line Series is inspired by my childhood.  As the daughter of a native Floridian and a Navy pilot, I seemed always to live close to the water.  The frigid but beautiful beaches of the Pacific in California; the warm waters and bright sands of Destin, Florida; and the cool and interesting North Atlantic beaches off of Virginia and Maryland were all part of my childhood.  But I'm not a sitter, so while my mom and friends sunbathed, I roamed the wrack lines, those lines where the highest daily tide deposits ocean treasures and human trash.  Though the quilts are abstract, I hope they evoke curiosity and mystery and the desire to move in closer to see what else there might be to find.  

Wrack Line VIII: Tidelines

Wrack Line IX: Moonjellies and Starfish

Wrack Line X: Winter Tides
On show at Aullwood are Wrack Line VIII, IX, and X.  Soon XI will be on exhibit at Dayton Visual Arts Center.  Since they are meant to be seen up close, the pictures don't really do them justice, but here's a preview of the three quilts at Aullwood.  Hope you'll stop by to see them and works by fellow MVAQN members Deb Bentley, Pam Geisel, Fran LaSalle, and Mindy Marik along with quilters from across the US.  


Judy Whelley said...

I did stop by and these are exquisite! I'm looking forward to DVAC.

Mary Vaneecke said...

You have taken yoyos to a new level.... Congratulations, they are beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful!!! Wish I could see them in person. Very inspiring!