Monday, June 6, 2011

Recyled Quilts, Wrack Line X: Winter Tides

Wrack Line X: Winter Tides
 I'm expanding the color palette on my Wrack Line series a bit.  This quilt began as a Talbot's silk dupioni dress from Value Village in Takoma Park MD (best thrift store ever!) back in August 2010.  Where else could I get a yard and a half or so of silk dupioni for $3.98?  So I bought it.  It was in my size, but the style wasn't quite me.  I tried it on first, didn't like it, and then I began to cut it apart.

 I knew I wouldn't have enough silk, especially if I saved some for the quilt top, so I decided to make yo-yos out of the lining as well.  Since the lining was just a little darker and not as shiny, this added a nice contrast.

I had some cream dupioni sitting around to make other yo-yos with, but I decided to try a double layer back.  I can't remember where I saw this technique of framing the quilt, but I thought it might work to make the ice colored yo-yos pop.  It was a little bland with just the blue and white, but in a cleaning spree, I found some orange silk to add some contrast.

I pillow-cased the two silk quilt layers and quilted the larger one with a walking foot in a wave pattern (even dupioni is terribly slippery).  The cream layer is sewed down only by the stitiching of the yo-yos.  I'll add French knots when I find the right color thread.

 Even though this photo is awful, this quilt and two others in the series have been juried into the Aullwood Show "Water, Water Everywhere." 


JafaBrit's Art said...

How beautiful, and I am thinking not just visually but to touch too. Congratulations on the show :)

oooh, and don't ya LOVE charity shops for bargains, and you sure got one with that silk.

KittyKwilter said...

Lori, I love this one!!

LaughingLG said...

Thank you both. I'll post soon on the long black silk dupioni skirt I just got at Goodwill. Who needs to pay 40 a yard for the good stuff when people donate clothes to charities.