Friday, April 15, 2011

Bleeding Hearts

Bleeding Heart, April 15, 2011, c.  Lori Gravley-Novello            

My kitchen floor is down and the molding is almost complete.  The cabinets are back in, and things are almost back to normal inside, so now I've moved outside to take care of some long delayed chores.  I was wondering just the other day whether the bleeding hearts made it through the winter since I hadn't seen them up yet, but when I looked, there they were.  The Lilies of the Valley and Hostas shot up this week, and the peonies are looking beautiful.  Lots more to do in the garden, but I'm almost done with my latest Wrack Line Quilt, so I should have a quilt to post soon.

Tony is in Iraq and safe, and since he's requested lots of flower pictures on our private blog, I'll likely post some of them here, too. 

Happy Spring!!

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