Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Zentangle Journals

My dear friend and writing buddy Judy Whelley (of the fabulous Sensuously Sixty blog) and I took a Zentangle class together in January.  I bought the Zentangle box some time ago, and I've been tangling on my own irregularly for a year or so.  When we saw a class at Gallery 510, we decided to sign up.

6 x 6 journals for Zentangles and my Zentangle practice
What fun!  Our teacher was CZT, Carol Ohl.  The class was inspiring, and I've been tangling nearly every day since then.  I usually do a tangle with a cup of tea in the morning.  I'm more confident in my free motion quilting because of it.  Also, it may just be the source of all that finishing energy I've found.  It's pretty awesome to finish a lovely little doodle every day.  I tangle in a 6x6 journal, and I decided to make a journal cover for it.

6 x 6  Journals for Zentangles

I made one for Judy, too.  Next time the 6x6 journals go on sale, I'll buy a bunch of them and make some of these for my Etsy shop, which is still not up yet, but I'll get there.


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Judy Whelley said...

This is amazingly perfect for tangling, thank you soooo much! I find that creativity feeds upon itself. When I relax with one form, like tangling, another form, like my writing, benefits. My creativity also takes a leap when I am inspired by something beautiful... like my new Zentangle journal book.