Friday, February 18, 2011

Journal Covers, Procrastination, and Perfectionism

Reusable Journal Covers for Small and Large Composition Books
I'm not sure why it is I think I have to have a million items to finally put up my Etsy store, but I do.  And, well, I already have a million items, but still no store.  And, part of me feels guilt for spending time making journal covers when there is art to be made.

There is the art vs craft thing.  It's a good thing to have small items for studio tours and the like, but those items tend to be crafty.  So, part of my desire for an Etsy store is to have some place to sell the things I make for Studio Tour at some time other than the fall.

Also, it's sort of mind releasing (not actually numbing, but the sort of release you get when you're in flow) to just sew straight lines. So, I've been getting ready for my husband's deployment by using up old fabric and creating journal covers which I might, someday, put in my Etsy store. 

The using up fabric part has been good.  Last year when I folded all my fabric into 6x6 inch squares for storage on my narrow shelves, I set some fabric aside with the caveat that I had to use it within a year or get rid of it.  So, I'm using fabric, mostly, that I've had for a long time and whose original purpose has been lost.  I'll admit that some of this fabric I bought new from the sale tables at JoAnn's because, well, it was on sale, and, well, it would look nice as a journal cover. My childhood hunger does truly come out in a desire for fabric.

Anyway, I've been working on journal covers as I finish up other projects, and I've finally used up all the notebooks that I buy cheap when school starts.  So now maybe it's time to put them up on Etsy.

No, wait.  I was going to type up some journal prompts and make really cool labels.  Also, I haven't decided what my packaging will look like.  So, I guess I'll wait until I get that done.  There is truly always something more to do before the stars are perfectly aligned and I'm willing to let go.  Perfectionism, anyone?

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