Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Just for Fun

8.5 x 11

This journal quilt was inspired by my friend Pam who suggested that "frosting" was a perfectly fine submission for our Art Quilt Network challenge "frosty." I asked permission before I stole her brilliant interpretative idea, and I had fun putting this together using a modified (in other words taken from a blog and not from her video) version of Elkins' portrait process. And though it isn't quite round here, since we all know that cupcakes are usually round, I decided it fits with my circle theme (not to mention the circles in the background fabric and in the white on white fabric).

I used a Simplicity fabric marker thinking that it was one of those that just disappeared. Nope. Instead I had to hand wash it and scrub like the dickens to get all those little purple lines off. I think I like the texture that it created when the batting shrunk a bit.

I'm almost to my 50th post, and I'm trying to think what type of giveaway I'll have to celebrate. Maybe some rusted Radiance, maybe fat eighths of some of my hand dyes, maybe some embellishments. Hmm, I guess you'll have to wait until I decide to find out.


Michigoose said...

Ah....but Lori! The bottom of the cupcake is round, as is the top once you've eaten all the frosting off. :)


norma said...

This looks yummy! I like the combination of the oranges against the strong blue. Very striking.

margaret said...

Looks good enough to eat!