Friday, August 21, 2009

July Spiritual Challenge: Trust

12 x 12"

Someone sent me the e-mail story that's going around about the wealthy guy who stops to pick up pennies on the street because the statement "In God We Trust" reminds him to pray. I sent the story to my husband, who was moved by it. Sometimes when I call him up, he'll say, "I've found a lot of pennies on the ground today." It's shorthand for the fact that he's having a tough day but that he knows he isn't alone in having to deal with it.

Of course, on all American currency there is the statement, "In God We Trust." Many people who pass the currency to each other don't really have that trust in the God that the founders of the country envisioned, but most of them have faith in something. In money itself, in their families, in work, in play, in the absence of belief, etc. I chose to focus on the word Trust in this quilt to both honor my own spiritual practice and beliefs (I do trust in the God of my understanding), and to honor the spiritual beliefs of everyone who handles money everyday.

I've always picked up pennies when they are on heads, given them an air kiss, and then put them in my shoe (or my purse as I'm often wearing flip flops). Even when my own faith was at a low point, I still trusted in "luck." So this quilt also honors the journey of my spirit. I'm glad that I challenged myself to complete these spiritual quilts each month. It has made me look at my beliefs in new ways.


For Quilts Sake said...

Hmmm...the "T" in trust is partially cropped off, could it be you had "rust" on the brain since you've been doing all the rust dying? Lovely piece and a neat way to look at a penny.

LaughingLG said...

Yeah, I noticed it when I was cropping my image, but since I do clearly have rust on the brain lately, I thought I'd leave it. I wondered if anyone would notice. Thank you.