Saturday, August 8, 2009

July Weekly Quilts

After guests, cooking at summer camps, and some travel in July, I'm just now finishing my July weekly quilts. The design called for hand-dyed fabrics (mine) but I had to dye new fabrics as I didn't have quite the colors I wanted. I also tried to make the small quilts connect together across the weeks. So, if you can picture it, the top quilt, if moved to the left of the quilt underneath it, would extend the design of the second quilt and so on. I tried to make this work both if you were viewing them 1-4 horizontally and also if you were seeing the quilts in a square, 1 and 2 on top and 3 and 4 beneath. It sort of works.

I also did some rust dyeing this week, and I really like the results and the spontaneity of the process. I'll be working on my rust dyed cloth this week, and I'll share the results once I have a few samples.

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For Quilts Sake said...

Those colors are amazing!