Thursday, July 30, 2009

Studio Lori

Yikes, I can't believe the last time I posted was on my birthday. Now that I'm done with cooking at summer camps and my garden is in full production mode, I can hopefully get a bit more posted here. I had to clean my studio/guest room for some visitors, so I thought I'd take time to post some photos of my studio. It's still a work in progress, but it's a wonderful, pieceful place to work.

The furniture in this room was from my Grandfather. I lived with him during college, and when he died, my aunt saved the beautiful furniture for me (Thanks, PJ). This is one of my favorite vignette's in the room. My collection of buttons (from my maternal grandmother, parents of students I taught, and from thrift shop collecting) is stored here, as are the wooden spools I love and plan to make a shelf out of someday.

Here's my sewing area. My WIPs are covered by a quilt that I'm working on with fabric that Mindy M donated since it went with my 2009 circles theme. It's called "Jack Amish." It's just Chinese coin pattern, but I love the sparkly circles.

I was thrilled to discover that a triangle clip was just the thing to attach my small journal quilts to my magazine storage boxes.

This is the best part of my studio. My mom made this storage cabinet for me when we had no spice storage. Now, I have a built in spice cabinet twice this size, so I can use this to house/display/organize my treasures.

Love those IKEA jars!! And yes, instead of sewing one day I sorted many of my beads into color coordinated groupings so that I could do the monochromatic miniatures that I wrote about in June.

I found this great Lane Chest on the side of the road in YS. It had been painted a hideous mustard color, so don't worry that I destroyed the original finish. It still had it's key in the drawer. The bottom drawer is perfect for my matchbox threads and presser foot storage.

The top has a lot of the fabric I'm currently using or thinking about using in projects.

I love this view of the chest with beautiful Senagalese indigo fabric from a student covering the white of the chest, the quilt I made from a pattern in American Patchwork and Quilting with some of the other indigo shibori fabrics, and a pillow I made out of a lovely pojagi cloth wrapper that a student brought me from Korea.

This is my writing desk. All things writing and drawing are stored over here including my antique typewriter, and a big jar of crayons. Other sketching supplies are in a basket under the table. And on the shelves is a basket full of postcards that I used to inspire my students to write and that I now use for inspiration for my writing and my quilting. I also have a magnetic poetry board that I play with when I need to access that flow state but I'm feeling blocked.

Ah, you wonder where all the clutter is. I'm not going to open this door or you'd see. It's a big closet, so it stores my fabric stash, my cutting table, and recycled fabrics. It also houses winter coats and some other family things, but I'm not going to open the door.


For Quilts Sake said...

Nice studio! And I really love the bed quilt.

Michigoose said...

Cool beans, Lori! I'm glad to see you back, although if the tomatoes here ever ripen, I expect you'll take another hiatus!


Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

Can you tell me more about the traingle clips and where you found them?
Your studio is great.

Anonymous said...

Like your studio..Going to pull out some of those pretty jars I've stored away and use them for buttons/thread/beads. Thanks for the ideas