Friday, March 20, 2009

March Week Three (Week 11) and Weekly Wall

.For this week's quilt, I decided to simplify the palate to see what happened. It's still busy, but the pattern does pop more in the lower corner. I think it gets lost a bit in the upper right block because both of the fabrics use a swirl pattern. If I had more time, it might be interesting to redo the blocks in different fabrics, but these blocks are time consuming, and I don't want to abandon playing with the designs.

I like the black and white design, and putting it next to all the great colors reminds me that when I see the world in black and white, it isn't nearly as interesting as when I'm able to see the whole spectrum of colors. Sometimes things are still black and white, but often there are a whole host of colors in between the absence and the saturation that white and black represent.

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