Monday, February 23, 2009

Week 7--Ooops

Well, the no-do-over plan for my weekly quilts has finally forced a last minute adjustment. I was putting the binding on this quilt and my iron was hotter than I thought, so it burnt through the organza.

This week's inspiration was leaves under ice, but I guess now there is a partial thaw. I'm not thrilled with this one anyway, so I guess learning about burning organza and having to adjust midstream was a good lesson.

All the quilts so far have been mounted on 6x6 frames and hung on a wall near my studio. It's fun to see them all together; I'll post a photo later this week. I really like this technique for small quilts (stretching over a frame) and I may do this for my 8x10 and 12x12 quilts. The frames are easy to make with 1x2s, a miter saw, and an upholstery stapler.

Working on the small weekly and monthly quilts is rebuilding my confidence, so I finally started on the meeting house quilt. I'm planning on using some of the new techniques I've learned. I may make the first one for me and do another one for Barbara G. after I've perfected the pattern and the techniques.

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