Sunday, February 8, 2009

Week 5

This month, my weekly quilts are circles inspired by nature. My family said, the solar system, cells, an onion, but Connor guessed right, a water droplet hitting the water. Of course, this would have more verisimilitude if I could actually quilt a perfect circle.

I used black organza over hand dyed turquoise fabric.

Since I'm trying to use new techniques in my quilts, this one uses a double thread in the needle for quilting the circles. I used a tracing paper overlay to transfer my design to the quilt top.

I'm finishing up my January journal quilt. My journal quilts are circles from my own photographs--this one is of croquet balls and hoops. I'm also working on my February journal quilt (to make up for being late with all things January), haystacks, a circle/perspective exercise. These quilts are also the exercises for the Miami Valley Art Quilt Network Quilt Study Group, so I'm trying to have them finished by the meeting tomorrow night.

I'm so happy to be able to design and work, and my confidence is growing. I feel like I've made my way up from the bottom of dark lake, so my work is a little frantic right now, like gulping in air once you break the surface after being submerged for too long.

Once I finish those two quilts and the Virgin of Guadeloupe and Mary from the Kells, I'll finish up the Meeting House quilt that Barbara has been patiently waiting for since last years Silent Auction.

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