Monday, February 2, 2009

Unblocked: January Weekly Quilts

Week One 2009

This 6x6 inch quilt is the first of my weekly journal quilts for 2009. I'm finally unblocked, and I've been able to work on several new quilts that didn't have squares and rectangles. January's quilts came from drawings I did as I worked on the exercises in Davila and Waterson's Art Quilt Workbook. You'll note I'm using circles!! The fabrics are my hand dyed fabrics. This is a perspective exercise.

Week 2

This is my second week quilt. It came from a balance exercise, but you can see that I broke the rules a bit. I used circle templates for all these designs.

Week 3

This is another perspective exercise, and I really had fun making these worm like bouncing images. I'm trying different quilting techniques on these than I might normally use and I'm also exploring different ways to layer fabric. In the first and third weeks, I'm just pinning the fabric onto the quilt sandwich without using fusible. The first two quilts have traditional binding, but this quilt has silk cord attached with a zig-zag stitch.

Week 4

In addition to using a balance exercise for this last quilt of January, I'm trying the stitch technique that Laura Wasilowski talks about in the current issue of Quilting Arts. I love hand work, so this is an exciting new technique to adapt and think about. I'm using fusible binding here for the very first time.

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