Tuesday, April 21, 2009

April Journal Quilt 2

This journal quilt for April continues my exploration of stamping. I carved the floral stamp in the central panel and used Jacquard Textile paints to stamp it. Sometimes, the fabric soaks up too much paint, so after I stamp, I go over the image with a brush and more paint. I used a commercial stamp to stamp the circles in the top and bottom panels and I used bubble wrap to stamp the darker yellow fabric.

I wanted to work with an analogous color scheme, and my original design used patches of red fabric in the bottom panel, but I didn't like it, so I went back with the stamp I'd used on the top panel of fabric.

I went back in and added beads around the fused binding after I'd finished and then thought, "Heck, why not in the center, too." I'm not sure I like the beads around the flower center. Should I add it around the other centers, leave it as is, or cut them off? I'd love your feedback.

It's gardening time, and back in Maryland, I knew the weather well enough to ignore the don't plant before Mother's Day warnings. Here in Ohio, I'm not sure, so I still have a bunch of plants in pots waiting to go in the ground. Since I can't garden outside yet--except for cleanup,blah--it was fun to plant these flowers in fabric.


Notjustnat said...

Love the orange quilt. Awesome to have art quilt on the festival - Natima

Carol said...

I like all your mini quilts. They are very pretty.